About Us

Meet the New Era Team

We’re a team of experienced technology industry operators, former general counsels and corporate and litigation attorneys, and the best and brightest technologists and engineers, who share a passion for improving access to justice and making dispute resolution efficient and amicable for everyone.

Collin Williams

Founder and Chairman

Rich Lee

CEO & Founder

Michelle Tyler

Founder & VP, Operations

Shane Mulrooney

Founder & General Counsel

Alexis Perlmutter

VP, Product

Kevin Drost

Chief Financial Officer

Heidi Fleck

Head of Design

Tam Dang

Senior Software Engineer

Anthea Spires

Director, Customer Success

Tyler Triggs

Senior Software Engineer

Alexandra Hinton

Demand Generation Lead

David Mattera

Director of Litigation Services

We’re grateful to have the support of passionate and committed investors.


We’re backed by leading operators and investors.

We’re grateful to have the support of passionate and committed investors. They share our vision of reducing the massive burden disputes pose to businesses, and they include leading VCs, angels who’ve founded, built, and sold some of the most successful companies in Chicago, leaders from a diverse array of industries, General Counsel from some of the most recognized companies in the United States, partners from leading law firms, and some of our country’s most respected litigators.

Our Advisory Council

We get advice from the brightest minds.

Yes, it’s a big group, but we’re on an ambitious mission tackling a massive problem that leaves no industry untouched. We’re fortunate to have a group of leaders across multiple industries and disciplines who are as dedicated as we are to changing the legal paradigm and who challenge us constantly to deliver the best possible product, ADR process, and customer experience.

David Kalt

Former Founder & CEO of  OptionsXpress (acquired by Schwab) and Reverb (acquired by Etsy)

Pete Kadens

Chairman, HOPE Chicago; Former CEO + Co-Founder, Green Thumb Industries

Jae Um

Founder & Executive Director, Six Parsecs

Anthony Casey

Deputy Dean, University of Chicago Law School



Sean Chou

CEO & Co-Founder, Catalytic (acquired by PagerDuty);  Former CTO & Co-Founder, Fieldglass (acquired by SAP)

Dan Melnick

Former Co-Founder, CTO & CPO, Reverb (acq’d by Etsy)

Ed Sohn

SVP, Product & Solutions, Factor

Damien Riehl

VP, Litigation Workflow & Analytic Content, Fastcase

Lisa Young

General Counsel, The Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE)

Cara Hardin

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Marquette University

Michael Perich

VP, Head of Litigation Insurance, Lockton Companies

Chris Shulman

President, Shulman ADR Law, P.A.; NADN Member

Shawn Aiken

Owner, Shawn Aiken, PLLC; NADN Member 

Kevin Sherlock

General Counsel, SpotHero

John Higginson

Chief Technology Officer, Chief

Leslie Vickrey

Founder & CEO, ClearEdge Marketing

David Mandelbrot

CEO, Reverb; Former CEO, Indiegogo

Justin Steffen

Partner, Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP

Chris Gibson

Professor of Law & Director of ADR Program, Suffolk University Law School

Brad Serot

Vice Chairman, CBRE

Alex Green

General Counsel, Primient

Dan Abel

CEO & Co-Founder, Pilot Project Brewing

Mark Partin

Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle, Inc.

Charlie Phillips

Vice President, Phillips Brothers Insurance

The Challenge

Our origins begin in the aftermath of a dispute.

“After six years in litigation — over 80 hearings and $1.2M in legal fees — a former client of mine settled his dispute with a business partner on the day of trial for just $30,000.

For anyone in law, this story isn’t shocking. If anything, it’s shockingly common. What struck me was when he called after it was all done and told me:

‘No one’s happy about spending over $1M in legal fees, but the worst part of this whole thing is that at no time over 6 years and 80+ hearings did I ever get a chance to simply share what happened. I know I wasn’t totally right, but I also know I wasn’t totally wrong. All I ever wanted was to look the judge in the eye, tell my story, and have them just tell me whether they sided with me or not. There’s something really wrong with this system, and I needed you to know’

We know it. We’ve each lived it and breathed it. So, we decided to do something about it.”

Collin Williams – Founder and Chairman, New Era ADR