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Get fair, high-quality resolutions fast with our fully digital platform.

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Disputes Put Your Business At Risk and Cost You Millions

From endless motions to piles of documentation and years of hearings, disputes have the power to take down your business.

Median Average Spend on Litigation Costs

Months on average to resolve disputes

Years Courts Currently Backlogged

Domestic Litigation Spend

This is advanced Dispute Resolution

Efficient, finite resolution processes. Save money. Save time. Stay focused.

Share your story, show your best evidence, get a resolution. Spend less time mired in conflict and more time on things that matter.

Use smarter, more intuitive tools to get to resolution faster with some of the most experienced mediators and arbitrators in the industry. Do it all from home or anywhere in the world on our fully-digital platform. Get everything done in one place, without everyone being in one place. Don’t waste your time, money, or energy on logistics or fighting, make it simple with New Era ADR.

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Save on Litigation Costs

Using our digital platform, you’ll reduce the costs associated with disputes and still resolve your differences.

Reduce Time Spent Fighting

With a more efficient process, resolve disputes without countless motions and protracted discovery, and avoid heading to court.

Get Rid of Distractions

Protect your business by efficiently handling disputes with the New Era ADR platform. Disputes are a distraction. Stay focused on what makes you money.

New Era In The News

New Era ADR

Introducing the true alternative dispute resolution.

Present-day dispute resolution processes are cumbersome and unwieldy —even the ones that claim to be an “alternative.” Disputes in courts and traditional ADR forums often languish for years.

Avoid high costs and endless processes with a fully digital alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform that makes it easy to upload documents, schedule meetings, and present your case before an experienced neutral party.

Get faster resolution times and lower litigation costs but with the same or better quality judgments as you’d get in courts or traditional ADR forums. We simplified and improved the system so you can get back to business.

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Tell Your Story

Be heard. Every party in a dispute should have the chance to tell their story and know with certainty that the resolution reached is based on the merits of the case.

Obtain A Legally-Binding Decision

Leverage the arbitration services on our ADR platform to gain a legally-binding decision that puts your dispute to rest for good.

Match with an Experienced Neutral

Get matched to an experienced neutral — retired judges, arbitrators, and mediators — certified and dedicated minds ready to listen and offer a resolution.

Upload Evidence + Documents

Simplify document management with a secure storage system that makes uploading and managing evidence and documentation simple.

Schedule Virtual Meetings

Avoid email ping-pong and instantly narrow down meeting slots with an efficient calendar tool to coordinate attorney, party, and neutral schedules.

Gain Visibility into the Process

Bring transparency to the dispute resolution process by ensuring all parties and attorneys have an easy way to view and manage case details.

Minimize Disruptions

Taking a dispute through the court process or traditional arbitration is distracting. Remove the disruption and get back to your business and your life.

Get a Fast Decision

Use our fully digital dispute resolution platform to share the details of your dispute and reach a resolution rapidly — so you can get back to work.

How OUR Platform Helps Everyone

Find the solution to your resolution challenges

Everyone benefits from accelerated alternative dispute resolution technology.

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For Businesses

Are you in the midst of a dispute — or do you want to proactively reduce risk in your transactions? Contact us to create an account and get started toward a resolution or visit our Contract Upgrade page for sample contract provisions.

For Attorneys

Are you a litigator? Use our platform to resolve your clients’ disputes faster and deliver better service, all at no cost to you. Are you a transactional attorney? Insert New Era ADR as dispute resolution forum in your clients’ contracts’ and reduce their risk.

For Neutrals

Are you a retired judge or attorney or an experienced arbitrator or mediator? Manage all of your cases in one place, resolve disputes faster, stop worrying about collecting payments, and focus on helping people solve their problems.

Tell Your Story. Get To A Resolution.

Create a free account and immediately put your case in motion.

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It’s Time For A True Alternative Dispute Resolution

A dispute resolution platform for modern times.

The traditional system is laced with obstacles to resolution that are a hindrance to your organization’s productivity and growth. At New Era, we connect parties directly with experienced neutrals and provide a platform designed to get everyone to a legally-binding resolution faster.

The all-too-familiar reality of existing systems.

Founder, Collin Williams, watched a case flounder in court for 6 years and rack up $1M+ in fees before it was settled for a nominal amount. It’s a common tale among lawyers and inspired Williams and his co-founders to devise something better, a new era of ADR.

Our technology offers you a better experience.

Together, the New Era ADR team designed and developed a tool that stops the endless, circular procedures of traditional forums and focuses on what everyone involved wants — a fast, fair, and low-cost resolution.

Resolve your disputes with easy-to-use digital tools.

File a case, upload and manage evidence, quickly coordinate multiple calendars, and even pay your neutral, all on our digital dispute resolution platform. It’s never been easier. 

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Digital Mediation

Negotiate and rapidly resolve your dispute with digital mediation.

Digital Arbitration

Get an enforceable decision from a neutral and move past your dispute.

Easy Integration Into Your Contracts

Proactively de-risk your future disputes simply by adding a few lines of language.

Disputes Happen. Be Prepared.

Ensure that any future disputes are resolved fast and fairly by adopting our easy-to-use contract clause language.

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Who Are The Neutrals?

Neutral voices offer clear, authoritative mediation and arbitration.

Our neutrals resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

As retired judges or tenured arbitrators and mediators, our neutrals offer unparalleled experience that help you resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Our neutrals are members of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN), each possessing the experience, knowledge, and finesse to cut through the noise and get you a result.

Our Neutrals

About New Era ADR

We’re making dispute resolution better.

More efficient. More effective. More amicable. And the bottom line? Less expensive.

Current dispute resolution systems simply don’t meet the needs of all parties. High costs, slow processes, unwieldy procedures — it’s not fair to those locked in a dispute and it’s also not fun for lawyers.

We designed the New Era ADR Platform to simplify dispute resolution. We’re committed to fostering amicable and efficient resolutions that better serve all involved — whether that’s the parties to a dispute, their attorneys, or the neutrals providing resolutions.

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