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ADR Platform Overview

It’s easy to get to a resolution.

Fast. Secure. Fair resolutions of your disputes.

Use our end-to-end platform and experience the first true alternative dispute resolution. Resolve disputes more effectively, and reduce the costs, time, and distractions of endless litigation.

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Efficient Technology Platform

Speed up dispute resolution with an end-to-end ADR platform that connects parties, lawyers, and neutrals with a fully digital solution.

Fair, Neutral Resolutions

Put your case before a highly experienced, certified Neutral and get fair resolutions that objectively address the facts and their application to the law.

Effective Resolution Tools

Upload documents. Schedule meetings. Bypass the procedures that draw out disputes unnecessarily and get to a resolution faster.

We’re connecting people to neutral parties and speeding up dispute resolution.

Whether you’re in the midst of a dispute or want to protect yourself against the unnecessary risks of potential disputes, New Era ADR helps you get to better.

I need to file a claim I want to plan for future disputes

Our ADR Solutions

File a claim. Resolve a dispute. Use ADR technology.

Use New Era ADR for virtual mediation, arbitration, and resolution planning.

Virtual Mediation

Settle your disputes and minimize disruptions with an easy virtual mediation solution.

Virtual Mediation with Binding Decision

Drive towards settlement while ensuring rapid resolution with a legally-binding decision in under 30 days.

Digital Arbitration

Present your evidence and make your arguments to an experienced neutral party and get a legally binding resolution.

Expedited Digital Arbitration

Accelerate resolution of your standard case with a simplified arbitration process that helps you move past your dispute fast.

Free Resolution Planning

Update your contracts with free tools and mitigate future dispute risk.

Make Dispute Resolution Simple

Simplify disputes with an easy-to-use platform.

Let’s agree. Paper belongs in the past.

When you’re in a dispute, the last thing you want to do is exchange paper documents, spend your time coordinating schedules via lengthy email chains, and wasting time traveling to and from a physical mediation or arbitration site.

Our ADR platform simplifies the challenges of disputes, paving the way for fast, efficient resolution.

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Upload Your Documents

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork. Upload all of your documents into one secure location for easy reference and verification.

Schedule Meetings in App

Efficiently manage time to move mediation and arbitration along faster — so you can get a resolution sooner.

Tell Your Story

Win or lose, with our ADR platform you get the chance to tell your story, present your case, and get a resolution, so you can get back to business.

Future-Proof Your Contractual Clauses

It might sound dull, but updating the language in your contracts is the best way to protect your business from the risks of future litigation.

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Meet The Neutrals

Neutrals bring clarity and transparency to the chaos of disputes.

These leading objective voices are some of the most highly-experienced and qualified mediators, arbitrators and judges around. While any neutral can use the ADR platform to manage their cases, only the most extraordinary Neutrals are assigned New Era cases.

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