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What It Takes To Be A New Era Neutral

Experience matters – and New Era handpicks mediators and arbitrators based on their years of experience and legal knowledge. These carefully vetted neutrals, many of them former judges or highly experienced attorneys, represent the best and brightest in the field. Many are accredited members of prestigious collegial associations and have successfully met a number of rigorous minimum requirements to gain such membership status.

See more below about our commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in alternative dispute resolution.

Significant Legal Experience

New Era Neutrals must have a minimum of 15 years as professional attorneys in civil/commercial practice or are former practicing judges, and be in good standing with their local State Bar association.

The New Era Way

New Era Neutrals are required to successfully complete rounds of interviews, onboarding, and continuing education and training by the New Era team. New Era Neutrals are set apart by their commitment to the New Era Way, which empowers our Neutrals to take ownership in the dispute resolution process.

Substantial Arbitration and Mediation Experience

New Era Neutrals must have significant experience in arbitrating and mediating a minimum number of civil cases to completion, and have at least 5 years of ADR experience. Exceptions may be made for attorneys and non-attorneys who have a particularly high level of expertise within certain practice areas.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in ADR

We strongly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion principles are central to the products and services we provide. Products are more inclusive when built by diverse teams with a wide range of experiences and abilities. Mediations and arbitrations are more effective, and decisions and resolutions are more fair, when parties can seek out neutrals who’ve lived, appreciate, and empathize with the broad and varied experiences and viewpoints of the parties before them. 

New Era ADR will always provide a diverse panel of neutrals for parties to consider in every case that’s filed on our platform. We are also committed to finding the next generation of neutrals who reflect the diverse communities and organizations we serve. Contact us if you are interested in joining our panel or assisting in these efforts.

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