Commercial videoconferencing software is the backbone of virtual and hybrid arbitrations, and lawyers want to keep it that way. Still, there are document management, scheduling processes and other point solutions that will provide business opportunities for tech companies.

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A New Era In the Legal Industry

A New Era In the Legal Industry

Undeniably, COVID-19 has beaten us down, whether it be mentally, physically, or economically, the impact has been hard, drastic and unrelenting.  But in the interest of finding a positive amidst a pandemic, it has also made us rethink established norms. It has forced...

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

The Oxford Dictionary defines alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as follows: “the use of methods such as mediation and arbitration to resolve a dispute instead of litigation.”  I suppose this helps paint the picture of ADR, but the logical follow-up questions are:...

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