New Era ADR is the Title IX Solution for the Informal Resolution Process

A Virtual and Less Intrusive Alternative to Formal Hearings and Investigations

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Save time and resources. Reduce the emotional strain parties often feel throughout the formal complaint Process.

New Era ADR has mediators who are trained to mediate Title IX formal complaints while our technology is specifically designed to handle the entire informal resolution process discreetly, securely, efficiently, and virtually. We offer affordable, per case pricing and subscription models based on the volume of disputes experienced by your institution.

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Initiate the Case

Once a Title IX Coordinator receives a formal complaint, they can create a case, upload intake documents, and easily invite the parties. Our platform takes care of the process so everyone can focus on finding a resolution.

Match with an Experienced Mediator

New Era ADR offers a panel of mediators who are trained in Title IX issues and can help reach an unbiased, agreeable resolution for all parties involved.

Securely Import Statements for Mediator Review

The Title IX Coordinator and all parties can collect and securely upload documents and mediation statements using the platform — have confidence that only the neutral can see this data.

Streamline the Resolution Process

Fast-forward resolution with a discreet, fully-digital platform that simplifies every step of the process with convenient features and capabilities.

Fairly address the increasing need for Title IX resolutions.

Faster, smoother, simpler, and unbiased. With everything in one place, New Era’s ADR platform streamlines virtual mediation.

The number of sexual violence complaints at colleges and universities from 2009-2014 increased 1,000%.

The amount of days it took for cases to result in “substantive closures” went from 379 days to 1,469 days (+1,090).

If a student reported a sexual assault incident on the first day of freshman year, the case would not be resolved until more than 4 years later; likely after graduation.

Source: 2015 U.S. News and World Report


A solution for universities, students, faculty, and neutrals

New Era ADR can provide the resources and impartial neutrals to serve all sides fairly.

For Universities

Title IX Coordinators often find themselves tasked with investigating incidents, pursuing leads and facts and also serving as the judge and jury. Outsourcing Title IX proceedings saves time and resources and removes conflict of interest challenges.

For Students & Faculty

Our completely independent platform with third party mediators who are trained in these issues can help students and faculty feel comfortable, safe in their environment, and more confident that a resolution to their issue will be reached.

For Neutrals

Continue to solve real problems and address the increasing need for Title IX resolutions. Our fully-virtual process ensures that all parties can participate remotely, and our technology makes it easy for neutrals to administer their own cases.


E-Filing & Document Management

Upload documents, draft and review statements, and store everything in a secure, cloud-hosted server.

Title IX Coordinator Dashboard

Easily initiate and manage every case administratively, avoiding bias and conflict of interest challenges.


Quickly schedule pre-mediation conferences and meetings, helping speed up the mediation process and get to a resolution sooner.

Party Communication

In-app messaging allows for secure, streamlined communication between the mediator, parties, and Title IX coordinator.

Real-Time Resolutions and Signatures

Resolution agreements can be drafted, signed, and downloaded by all parties virtually, ensuring a smooth process from end to end.

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The Title IX Coordinator Resource Guide

The Title IX Coordinator Resource Guide

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