Recently we sent out a survey within our Title IX Newsletter, asking Coordinators to share a little about your role. In an effort to help create a community, we thought it’d be helpful to pass along some of the shared resources, as well as some of the challenges of the Coordinator role. Want to add input to the Title IX Coordinator Resource Guide? It’s not too late to participate.

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Major Takeaways from the Survey

Many of you let us know that your role was isolating, and that you were in need of networking opportunities with other coordinators. In response, we would love to provide a forum for Coordinators to discuss obstacles amongst each other throughout the nation, without having to leave the comfort of your office. To stay up to date on upcoming webinars and more: follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our Title IX Newsletter.

How do you Network with Other Title IX Coordinators?

  • Regional Advisory Committees & Working Groups with other Title IX Coordinators from various institutions in your area
  • Conferences
  • OCR and ATIXA Listservs
  • Connecting on LinkedIn

Where Do You Get Title IX News?

In order of most common answer to least:

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  2. Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA)
  3. Office for Civil Rights (OCR) – Federal Register Subscription
  4. OCR and ATIXA Listservs
  5. National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA)
  6. Google Alerts for “Title IX”
  8. Institutional Compliance Solutions (ICS)
  9. Title IX Consulting Firms: Grand River Solutions
  10. LinkedIn Groups: University EEO, Title IX & Labor Relations
  11. From University’s Legal Counsel
  12. Webinars

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What is the Hardest Part about the Role of a Title IX Coordinator?

  • Staying Up to Date with Constantly Changing Regulations, Requirements, and Case Law
  • Reputational Damage to Institution of Unreported Sexual Misconduct, Gender-Based Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence
  • Navigating the Responsibility of Looking Into Concerns Without A Formal Report from the Victim and the Complex Issue of When an Investigation is Required
  • How Title IX Applies to Online Students
  • Title IX Being Only One of Many Responsibilities
  • Training all Faculty and Staff on Title IX
  • Overcoming a Campus Wide Culture of Discrimination Within the Institution
  • Managing the Risk of Non-Compliance
  • Both Sides See Title IX as a Bad Actor, Even After the Remediated Case was in Their Favor
  • Limited People Power, Limited Resources
  • Balancing Federal and State Statutes
  • Leadership not Allocating Enough Investment in Title IX Compliance to be Proactive
  • Burnout

Share Your Experience as a Title IX Coordinator

Thank You For Helping Create the Title IX Coordinator Resource Guide

Thank you to all the coordinators that took the time to share with us a bit more about your role. We hope this Title IX Coordinator Resource Guide is helpful, and we look forward to growing our community. We deeply appreciate all you do to make higher education a safer place, and we humbly hope to support you in your role.

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About New Era ADR

New Era ADR is dedicated to helping resolve these sensitive situations quickly and securely. New Era ADR contracts with trained, unbiased third-party Title IX mediators.  The platform enables students to complete the sessions privately, from the comfort of their own homes, while not being face to face with the panel or individual at hand.  Its platform facilitates a truly neutral, less combative and less intimidating experience than doing so in-person with university officials. New Era ADR supports the effort to meet and maintain Title IX compliance.

  • Neutral third party mediators eliminate perceived bias or self-serving intent and work to provide a much more pleasant experience.
  • Fully virtual means accuser and accused don’t need to be in the same room.
  • Easy to use platform to facilitate/centralize all fact/evidence.

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