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How It Works

Litigation is a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be your life. Make your case. Resolve your dispute. Get back to business.

Are you involved in litigation or do you see it on the horizon? Our ADR platform streamlines and reduces the process and procedures that make litigation so painful, significantly reducing the time and cost ordinarily associated with lawsuits. And we made the entire process fully digital and fully virtual so you can tell your story to an experienced arbitrator from anywhere in the world.

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Once you have an account, you can upload documents, coordinate schedules, and prompt the other party to act.

Get Matched With an Arbitrator.

Get connected with a seasoned New Era arbitrator with relevant and direct experience in cases like yours.

Upload Your Documents and Arguments.

Collect and import the relevant documents, exhibits and arguments on the platform in preparation for your arbitration hearing.

Have a Hearing.

Have your full hearing in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months, all online so you can be wherever you want.

Get a Decision.

Get a decision issued by your arbitrator that can be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction.

How do I get the other party on board?

New Era ADR is a neutral platform — so everyone benefits. Find out how to prompt the other party to handle the dispute through the ADR platform and see how easy it is to include our provisions in your existing agreements

Get your resolution 90% faster.

The current litigation paradigm relies on structured process and procedure that de-emphasizes the facts and storytelling of your case. We focus on the facts and story telling and streamlined the process and procedure. Save up to 90% on costs and your valuable time.

spent domestically on litigation costs alone

Half of this is nothing but motion practice and document/information exchange known as discovery.

Disputes can take anywhere from a few months to, more commonly, years. 24 months to reach a resolution on average.

Who Uses Virtual Mediation

A solution for attorneys, business owners, and neutrals.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to speed up the mediation process or an attorney seeking better alternatives for your clients, the New Era platform makes virtual mediation easy.

For Executives

Running a business is hard work and resolving disputes with vendors and partners can be even harder. Virtual mediation is a flat-fee service that reduces costs and speeds up the process so you can get back on track — fast.

For Attorneys

When you went into law, pushing papers around conference rooms wasn’t what you had in mind. Skip the hassle and get back to doing what you love — protecting your clients and providing them with the best possible service.

For Neutrals

Your goal was never to oversee discovery disputes and motions for extensions of time. It was to help people get resolutions quickly, allowing them to get back to their lives. That’s what we do.

De-risk Your Business

Update Your Contracts Now.

Disputes happen. But you can plan ahead for it now. The forum selection clauses in your contracts are not throw-away provisions. Change these clauses now to select New Era ADR as your dispute resolution forum, and immediately de-risk your contracts…and your business.

Update My Contracts

Upload all of your documents in one secure place.

Put away the filing cabinets, redwelds and boxes. Most of your documentation is already virtual. With the ADR platform, you can upload your documents, draft and review your arguments, and store everything in a secure, cloud-hosted server.

Schedule hearings in the app.

Ditch the miles-long email chains with screenshots of calendars and bulleted lists of available time slots. Use the ADR platform software calendar to quickly identify and schedule hearings, helping speed up the arbitration process and get you to a resolution sooner.

Eliminate the pointless process and procedure.

Litigation isn’t about excluding one piece of paper found amongst millions of pieces of paper. It’s about the story and the facts. It’s about telling a neutral party what happened and letting them determine who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about justice, not pushing paper.


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Litigate your disputes quickly and painlessly with digital arbitration.

Avoid an arduous — and expensive — litigation journey. Start your digital arbitration with the ADR platform today.

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